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Welcome to Dear Teenage Me!

Welcome to Dear Teenage Me!

What a girl wants, what a girl needs..

Dear Teenage Me is for YOU!

In a world in which we get inundated with disempowering content – THIS might just be the antidote..

Dear Teenage Me is here to give you a sense of community, a safe space and absolutely no judgement! Thrown in to the mix are; some knowledge, tools, advice and wisdom from womxn from all walks of life and from all around the world. Womxn who really wish they had known a few key things themselves, whilst they were young.

But what are teenage girls dealing with?

We have done some of our own research of course, but we certainly don’t want to assume ANYTHING! So we are going need to hear from you! We would love to know what you are dealing with in YOUR lives. We want your input, your thoughts, your involvement, because this really is YOUR space to share and get what you need from us! Really, you can ask us anything!

Join the movement – use #dearteenageme on your social networks

If there is anything in particular you might want advice on, check out our Q+A page and shoot us a message. We already know young womxn are dealing with so many uniquely personal and varied issues, and there are also many shared issues that are affecting you.

We are hearing you on; body image, relationships, bullying, comparison to others, sexual violence, school dynamics, trolling, sleep, screen time usage, family, divorce, relationships, friendships, mental health, sex/identity, peer pressure, sleep, human connection and that these are highly important issues to you, however, each of you have your own individual lives, and everything you deal with in life is unique to you. So we know there is so more for us to understand about YOU. We hope to cover it ALL over time. So stick with us, as we grow together.

Dear Teenage Me is driven by the intention to make a difference to you. Because the womxn behind it, ourselves found our teenage-hood challenging, and we know that something like this might just have made a difference to us had it been available.

We also get that times have changed, and that they will continue to change, all the time! We get that whatever you’re dealing with is specific to you individually and may even be a world away from our own experiences. There will be so many mitigating factors. So we are not trying to pretend we completely get it. We don’t. In fact, we don’t want to tell you anything, we only want you to have some of the tools, knowledge and skills to discover everything you need for yourself, and indeed within yourself. We do not have the answers that are right for you. Only you can find your own answers and what is right for you and your one precious life.

We want you to know you are not alone and we have got your back.

Lua Jones
Writer | Empowerer| Editor | Speaker | Founder @ Dear Teenage Me
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