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All that Glitters is…Meme Gold

All that Glitters is…Meme Gold

MeMe Gold is the one women show behind her self titled fashion brand ‘Meme Gold’. Pronounced ‘Me Me’, but it’s for U-U, Got that? Ok, good..

Based out of Manchester this DJ-cum-garms dealer-cum dancer/performer is a force with which to be reckoned. Meme’s levels of creativity are off the charts, her output from her fashion brand and socials is prolific; she even hosts a regular show on NTS Radio (The Meme Gold Show), selecting consistently big tunes. You can also find her on panel talks or performing at various events in the city, plus modelling for her own brand and for others.

Model @sachaguineverereynolds image by @memegold

Meme studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK but dropped out after 2 years, when she went on to work in hospitality and retail for 6 years. The first iteration of the brand started as simply side hustle, and as a big FU to her boss for firing her at age 24.

We asked Meme to tell us a little more about the WHY of Meme Gold…

Meme, could you tell us a bit more about why you make what you make? 

‘Originally, it was to have outfits that fit me, in a style and colour that I couldn’t find anywhere or couldn’t afford. Now it’s to share that with others. The feeling of having something perfect for you that (almost) no one else has.’

So, how do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes?

‘Like an individual that’s been thought about and catered for. Powerful, colourful and, most importantly comfortable.’

What kind of people are your clothes for?

‘Every kind! There’ll always be issues that will need work in regards to catering for different sizes & needs but primarily, it’s for the unique, which can be anyone!’

What do you want people to understand about your brand?

‘That it isn’t a faceless company, selling selling selling. It’s me sharing with people what I’ve learnt about my self belief confidence & ‘fuck it-ness’ through style & positive encouragement’.

Any advice for your teenage self?

“You got this bab, you’re gonna be great one day”

Image by @meryornot

The brand fuses sports chic and street smarts. So you’ll find sweat pants and crop tops, alongside black carpet slinky cocktail dress numbers and 3-in-one dress/skirt combos and of course the screen-printed staples (as above).

At Dear Teenage Me, we don’t just want to tell you about the brands and the fashion news you already know, we want to tell you what’s next! And this girl is NEXT, mark our words!

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