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5 OF THE BEST – Female ‘Empowerment Illustrators’ on Instagram

5 OF THE BEST – Female ‘Empowerment Illustrators’ on Instagram

Let’s face it, Instagram can make you feel like shit! It’s full of “fake” accounts and people trying to make their lives look super-glossy and hyper-fantastic. In the midst of all this, however, there is some incredible illustrator talent. Check out these amazing female artists who are empowering women around the world through their artwork.

Image @missgloriadesign

Miss Gloria Design

The work of not one but two amazing artists, Abi and Chloe’s, who’s empowering and inspirational output is absolutely on point. We are proud to have had their assistance on our logos and artwork for Dear Teenage Me. In the world of celebrating diversity wholeheartedly, and promoting positive messages, they never seem to miss the mark. They are consistently on track, sure to create designs ready to deal with everything current and important in the world, whether it be the abortion ban, male suicide rates, TimesUp etc.. and everything else.

About their work they say “We love to combine powerful messages with playful and fun designs to make an impact and lasting impression, our designs usually focus on body positivity, current social issues, mental health and what it’s like to be a feminist in today’s society”

BTW if you love their style, you can support and empower them by grabbing one of their #WomanUp Tees on Etsy right here..

Alison Rachel

Image @recipesforselflove

Possibly the most uniquely executed of the selection is the sublime artwork of Alison Rachel who created Recipes For Self Love. The colour palette she uses is divine; featuring only muted, neutral and pastel tones, her output is prolific. Often very simply put, and touchingly authentic, the messages on her artwork are constant reminders for self love and care, of ourselves and others. The sayings she includes on her artwork are often her own and sometimes lifted from quotes of famous authors. Her amazing artwork has been made in to a book..check it out here!

Caitlin John Designs


Caitlin Johns describes herself as a social activist, illustrator and law student and more power to her, she’s only a tender 18 years old and has already crafted a style distinctly her own. She has realised that art is a great way to inspire people to make a difference, and to get them to relate and understand current affairs in a brand new way. We are following her with baited breath as to what’s next for this bright young thing!

Hazel Mead

Uk based Illustrator, feminist/activist, and taboo tackler Hazel Mead, is a freelance artist who wants to see society move forward. She loves a good cause, and speaks on issues varying from; sex, periods, inclusivity, diversity and more. We love that she tackles some of the taboos of sex like this amazing poster art about some of the more hilarious things about sex you don’t see in mainstream porn.


Haley Kennedy

Canadian freelance Artist Haley Kennedy and advocate for mental health and self care is committed to drip feeding us little reminders and daily doses of empowering advice to help us get through that life. Haley understands that language holds great power, so her art is based on words and her typography is top notch. A great account to follow for a daily uplift. We do know these things, but it can’t help being reminded.


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