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In Conversation With.. Eva Lazarus

In Conversation With.. Eva Lazarus

Dancehall queen and multi genre artist Eva Lazarus is a prolific act to follow. Singer, MC, songwriter and BBC 6Music station voice. This woman just won’t quit!

2019 saw Eva releasing the ‘More Fyah’ album with Mungos hifi, as well as featuring on Swindle’s ‘No More Normal’ and Dj Yoda’s ‘Home Cooking’.

Hailing from the Midlands, UK, it was her move to Bristol, the city where much great music finds light of day, that Eva began to build her huge following. Fast forward to 2019, with a global tour under her belt, with dates in Panama, Dubai, Uganda, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand, a back to back festival season and even more touring worldwide through to early 2020, she is now lining up for the first releases from her eagerly awaited solo project.

We took some time out of Eva’s busy schedule to get the low down on what she would love to go back in time to say to her teenage self..

Looking back on your life, what was the main thing you struggled with as a teen or adolescent? 

Having dual identities, dual heritage and not being fully understood. Wanting to fit in but never feeling able to because on top of all of the normal teen experience of not wanting to be so different that I’d feel crushing embarrassment. I was already automatically different growing up in a majority white area, and going to a school with only a small amount of BAME attendees. The me at home had a different culture to the me at school.

I’m from a Black British Jamaican family (mums side) and was raised in a single parent home so there was only this as my main nurture and going to other people’s homes as a child really backed up how different my experience was and showed me why at times I wasn’t understood.

Our food and music and appearance was different. The way we we’re with our families were different. The expectations from our families were different. The way we spoke, different,

I struggled so much with that, it seems so sad in hindsight because these are the things I love the most about myself, but back then there were so many ignorant people around me who singled me out for those differences, the casual racism of it all, it made me feel extremely isolated.

What would you say is different now for you, compared to when you were a teen?

Growing for me now is way more comfortable! My inside voice is more kind and supportive. I love who I’m continually shaping into. That’s different from my teen years because I only had vague ideas on who I was but no idea what I wanted in life which is normal but was at times overwhelming.

Moral of the story is I didn’t need to stress out, it all comes together when it’s supposed to. You can’t rush experience and that’s what gave me a lot of the answers I need!

What would you say are the key lessons you have personally learned in the last year? 

That I’m more powerful than I give myself credit for. I really need to stop an take note of my progress and look around sometimes.

Ask for help, ask people for it and then actually let them help you when you need it!

What lessons have you learned to help you conquer fear?

I had a big fear of failure and it would stop me trying things But failure isn’t the end of the world. There are lessons to be learned when things don’t go plan, what can I take from this, what can I do differently next time? Sure, not winning in the moment is disappointing but it doesn’t mean you’ll never experience a win, get up, try again, you’re learning, you’ll be fine!

What is your advice for a teenager living in the world today? 

-When you find something you’re passionate about and really believe in, follow it!

-Back yourself, invest in yourself!

-It doesn’t have to be money, it can be an investment in time and energy.

-It all starts with you, if you back yourself you can make amazing things happen.

Do you have a personal mission statement? Do you do any mantras or morning routines?

Right now I’m 8 months pregnant so my morning routine consists of being extra kind to my growing body. I’m making time to thank my baby and my body for continuing to be healthy through this year. It might sound strange but I’m really proud of all of the change and want to do my best to make sure I come out the other side of this pregnancy with a healthy sense of self image.

My body and what it looks like is such a small part of who I am, but at the same time so much pressure is put on appearance that I want to appreciate these changes rather than fear them ,like we’re conditioned to. I’m growing a baby, my body is doing a great job, well done body! 

What do women need more of? 

Freedom from the patriarchy

What do women need less of?

The patriarchy

What keeps you motivated when life gets hard and throws you a curveball?

Bad days, knock backs, frustrations are all things you can choose your response to. I have come through rough times and thrived on the other side. I can and will do it again. Knowing that is a huge help!

Which women inspire you most? 

Women out in the world chasing their passions inspire me the most. Creative, driven, brave women inspire me.

Kind women inspire me.

Black women inspire me.

My mother inspires me.

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