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#booyay – Getting Real -Transforming Uncertainty into an Opportunity

#booyay – Getting Real -Transforming Uncertainty into an Opportunity

Part of the excitement of being a teenager is uncertainty.

What will I do when I finish school?

Where could I live or travel?

Who will be my friends in the future?

Being a teenager is also a time when you might form solid opinions about the world. About the decisions that are made for humanity and the planet, by others.

You’re probably noticing now there is a large amount of uncertainty, in regards to CoronaVirus. It can be overwhelming thinking about the impact this will have on you, your family, other people you know and don’t.

So how do you gain perspective and feel less panic?

I encourage you to look at your personal situation, and transform it from fear and loss, into optimism and opportunity. How? #booyay Everything has an opportunity cost: this simply means when you make a decision and choose a path, you eliminate potential gain – and losses – by not undertaking the alternatives.

So right now maybe your hours are cut at work. Maybe you can’t go out where you normally would. Maybe that event you’ve been looking forward to has been cancelled. This might sound grim, but there is an opportunity, in this loss: what else can you now do with your gained time? How can you get clever about how you spend your money?

So BOO might be: the concert we were all going to was cancelled and my hours are cut at work.

YAY might be: I can finally catch up on study or that book I’ve wanted to finish. Maybe I can buy ingredients and cook that meal I eat out at home?

If you want to share your negative – this is okay! But back it up with something positive – this reframing allows you a sense of control and acceptance – and this also created a sense of something else… hope. Get sharing your newly created opportunity or positives using #booyay – give everyone a reason to find some hope.

Lauren Neko
 DJ | Vocalist | Artist | Creative Director @ Glössy Events AU
Entertainment Management Lecturer

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