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Exams cancelled? 6 ways to thrive in the face of adversity!

Exams cancelled? 6 ways to thrive in the face of adversity!

Depending on where you live in the world, you might currently be facing facts about your exams going ‘down the pan’.  In the UK, GCSE’s and A-levels have been cancelled. Results will be ‘guess-timated’ according to your previous coursework and class work. In Australia schools are still open (at the time of writing this) although this could change any day.

In China, schools are just starting to re-open, and in countries across the world, teachers are scrambling to move education online, and many teenager’s are left with a great deal of uncertainty and a great lack of clarity surrounding their futures. 

Some teens will no doubt be celebrating this! I definitely would have been one of them! I hated exams, and was terrible at revising (um.. should I say cramming).  I really could not retain facts and information for the life of me.  

For many, this news is deeply upsetting, seemingly a ‘lifetime’ of school work for ‘nothing’. 

Believe it or not, this article isn’t actually here to depress you further! I want to do the opposite – to empower you and give you some ideas and suggest opportunities around how you might be able to manage this turn of events and switch them to your advantage.

So, here’s some things you could ‘try on’. If it empowers you  – great! 
If not, simply scroll on..

Six ideas to help you create the bright future you want for yourself – all whilst still in quarantine mode!

  • Start a side hustle – you’re never too young to go into business! 

Now is the time for the online world to thrive.  So, whether you want to build your social media following or create a product to sell, now is a powerful time to start.  Why?? Because people are at home, they are ready to engage! There will be opportunities for business and for entrepreneurs. People will always have needs, so don’t get lost in the world of ‘lack’. We will come out of this recession and some people will still thrive. And if you need training in any areas, you can use this time to learn it. There are some great free resources around right now too.  People are being kind and offering many courses for free, and many people are being more generous than usual with their likes and shares. So it’s a great time to build!

  • Learn something NEW! 

Here’s a question for you – What did you NOT learn at school that you wished they had taught you?!  For me, it was basic business studies. Actually it was something I only realised I wanted to learn long after I finished school. After I became a dj, I realised that knowing those basics could give me the tools to take my self-employed career much further.  Learning the skills of; marketing, finance, income streams, cashflow, can stand you in good stead if you want to set up anything either now, after your studies – or during! Right now is also a great time to gain a certificated online qualification, most of which are heavily discounted or even free. Needless to say, you can also read, read and read some more!

  • Find a problem that needs solving 

Whether it is it your elderly neighbour receiving her groceries, or that you miss your friends – there are problems in the world that want solutions. Maybe you feel like there’s ‘too much hate in the world’.  Whatever problems you notice; in your life, your community or in the world, then you can come up with solutions. It might look like a WhatsApp group, a HouseParty chat, new online community, a movement, inventing a new app, website or programme.  Just look at The World’ometer website (tracking the pandemic figures) it was created by a 17yr old, jus’ sayin’!

So really, no problem is too big or too small. Look at what really matters to you – and you will find a problem that can be resolved.  Feeling useful during this time will increase your happiness tenfold – guaranteed 😉 

  • Sell stuff!

You can make money during this time – and even if the restrictions mean you can’t get to a post office right away, maybe you can start to document all the things you have to sell when the pandemic is over; your old clothes, gadgets, devices, games, bikes etc. You could ask your family what they might want to get rid of, and get those things ready to list too. Get them set to launch on; ebay, marketplace, etsy etc.. and you’ll be ready to post as soon as time permits. 

  • Create!

If you’re crafty and like working with your hands, then have a think of what could you make or design, draw or paint?  It’s a great time to hone a skill. It could be sewing, knitting, needlecraft. Put your own spin on it, and you could use this time to develop your own unique, individual style. Every artists needs a niche. It’s time to find yours!

  • Write a book

Don’t think you know enough? How about writing an Ebook? They can be much shorter – at around 10-15,000 words. Perhaps the next JK Rowling is about to emerge!

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