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In Conversation with… Lili Joy

In Conversation with… Lili Joy

DJ Lili joy is a regular at some of Australia’s best underground music venues and Techno parties because her sound and energy is truly one of kind, making her a hugely sought after artist both locally and internationally.

Originally from Milan and born in Bulgaria, she currently resides across two cities – Melbourne and Sydney. Her passion for music is infectious. Lili developed a huge passion for collecting and mixing various genres of music at an early age and has toured Europe, Australia, Pacific Islands, U.S., New Zealand and has performed at the some of the world’s most highly acclaimed music festivals including Burning Man, Subsonic Music Festival, Burning Seed, Rabbits Eat Lattice, Dragon Dreaming and Splendour in the Grass.

Lili Joy’s warm energy radiates through her music and also through her passion for environmentalism. She is the founder of “Leave No Trace Celebration”, a monthly beach clean-up event hosting local and international DJs. The Leave No Trace Celebration focuses on environmental awareness, education, and respect for nature. She is also the founder of “ Shut Up ’n’ Dance “ underground techno events in Manly, Sydney.

After a freak accident just a couple of years ago, when Lili was crushed by a truck at a festival, she returned to the stage just months after, having rehabilitated herself through her pure grit and determination.

Lili, as a DJ, you’re used to playing constantly, up all night and travelling around the world, how have you been coping during the pandemic? Life must have slowed down a lot for you lately?

I have to say, I have had the most amazing time at my current home in Melbourne where I live with four other amazing and creative humans. My secret .. is GRATITUDE. Constantly reminding myself of the ‘amazingness’ of being alive.

It’s been at least 12 weeks since my last paid gig. Covid has affected the club/festival industry massively as we are the first to get shut down and will be the very last to reopen. But it is definitely an opportunity for me to lock myself in a studio and focus on music production, something I had started doing already, but I see it as an opportunity to re – invent and boost our creative and social media skills to be ready to come back on full power.

Tell me, what was teenage Lili like?

As a teenager, I often had to move schools and countries, so the biggest challenge for me was learning to adapt to new environments all the time. I learned to accept every challenge as a new opportunity to evolve as a human being.

Being a teenager i’s definitely a peculiar time in our lives, the constant ups and downs due to hormones, that make us very emotional, sensitive, reactive .. hahaha.. I don’t think any of that has changed over time! Remember, also your parents were teenagers once!     

What would you say are the key lessons you have personally learned in the last year or two? You suffered a huge accident, that must have been something that has affected life somewhat? 

Yes, In January 2019, a 7 tonne truck run over me while I was djing at a big Australian Festival. Of course, after the accident I was in a critical condition and ended up in a wheel chair, and dealing with massive daily pain and huge psychological trauma. At that time, I had to really work on myself and my self beliefs. Who am I ? What am I standing for? What do I desire the most, and how do I get there?

Day after day I would use the power of visualisation. I’d imagine my cells regenerating and repairing, my bones gluing back together, my skin growing more beautiful than ever. The human body is simply divine, as is the human mind.

In the Last year, I managed to strongly focus on my rehabilitation and I started walking again. I got back into running music, environmental and charity events on a massive scale. I also did a world-wide tour playing in over 10 countries, and established my DJ career to the point where I was able to live officially in two major cities in Australia, SYD-MEL.

What lessons have you learned to help you deal with failure?

Make sure you learn the lesson and move on as quick as possible. Focus your thought on what’s next!

It’s unlimited how much we can do as individuals to make a difference in life and to make an impact in to the world. Every action we take counts, every thought we express makes a difference. Design your thinking, take action, empower your surrounding. 

What wisdom do you want to impart to teenagers today? Especially during the pandemic?

My advice is to try to keep your thoughts positive, enjoy time off, focus on your biggest passion and share it with others. Keep your mind stimulated and your curiosity alive.

Do you have a personal mission statement? Do you do any mantras or morning routines?

My mantra is “Be the difference you want to see in to the world”. I also wake up every morning and list 5 things I am grateful for. 

What do women need more of?

Women need more self esteem and self believe.

And less of?

Women need less pressure on how they look and more understanding on how they feel.

What keeps you motivated when life gets hard and throws you a curveball?

I like to define my goals and think of what steps to take next then write that down. Use my imagination to picture myself in the shoes of the person I want to become and allow myself to embody that person. The Law of Attraction is a powerful thing, you attract what you think.

I also would advise others to create a plan and take action. The more action you take, the more your desired future becomes your reality. Motivation comes from us and our surrounding. So create a powerful environment for yourself and your community. Immerse yourself in to a world of possibilities. 

Which women most inspire you?

Neri Oxman, Coco Chanel, Nina Simone, Madonna and many other power female figures have inspired my growth and number one is and will always be my mum. A real example of a female warrior of human kindness and generosity. 

My future looks like a world-wide music producer and a powerful ambassador for  Environment Sustainability, peace in the World, Human kindness and Radical Inclusion. 

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